Alic Erpelding – Account Manager

Landscape Industry Since:     2013
Signature Landscape Since:  2019

Alic was born in Manhattan, Kansas, and moved to Kansas City in sixth grade. He attended high school at Shawnee Mission East. He began working in the landscape industry when he was 13 years old in Oakley, Kansas. Alic worked on a farm where he mowed lawns around town and used the grass clippings to feed the farm animals.

While attending K-State University, he worked at Blueville Nursery in Manhattan for four years. He then interned at Ruppert Landscape in Washington, D.C. where he focused on large scale landscape construction and estimating. Following this, Alic had an internship with Yellowstone Landscape in Charleston, South Carolina that was focused entirely on estimating. After he graduated from college, he moved to Denver and worked in the field, managing a mow crew. Denver’s heavy traffic eventually drove him back to Kansas City where he worked to become a real estate agent. After a while, he missed the landscape industry and found Signature Landscape.

Alic became an Account Manager at Signature in 2019. He has always enjoyed working with both plants and people and has tried to find a way to combine his two interests. His position at Signature has allowed this to happen.

Like many others in the landscape field, Alic enjoys the outdoors and believes working in the elements is key to living a fulfilled life. He finds satisfaction in seeing projects come to life. When asked what in the industry he is most passionate about, Alic said, “technological advancements, and becoming more sustainable. Our field is all about being green and I think we should be more concerned with it.”

Having the opportunity to live in several places around the United States and being involved in different cultures has allowed Alic to appreciate how special it is to live in Kansas City, which is a big reason he found his way back.

Outside of work, Alic loves fishing, shooting his compound bow, kayaking, golfing, and being outside with his dog. He has five sisters, two older and three younger. His family lives in Kansas City.