Carole Lechevin – Landscape Architect

Landscape Industry Since:     1989
Signature Landscape Since:  2017

Carole has an extensive background in the field of landscape architecture. She began her career in Oklahoma working with an engineering firm engaged in federal projects all over the U.S. and Europe. Carole then moved to Kansas City, working with local firms preparing construction documents and assisting in construction observation and administration. While part of the design team for the Sprint World Headquarters Campus, she was involved in large scale establishment of native landscapes including tallgrass prairie and wetlands, as well as administration and observation of the overall campus hardscape and landscape. During this time, Carole coordinated with the in-house grounds maintenance team for the campus. She developed an appreciation for how landscape design can enhance and impact the maintenance of a project’s landscape.

Carole then spent 10 years working with Patti Banks Associates (now Vireo) on LEED certified building projects that included sustainable landscaping and stormwater management facilities, also known as Stormwater BMPs.

Carole met the founder of Signature Landscape, Bill Gordon, who asked her to assist him with MAGIC Council projects and awards. She joined the Signature Landscape construction team and is now assisting Signature Landscape’s clients with enhancements ranging from small improvements to overall property renovations. Carole is passionate about assisting property owners to incorporate sustainable landscapes in their projects.

In her free time, Carole enjoys spending time with her son and cooking. She also enjoys dining at many of Kansas City’s great restaurants with her husband Philippe, who is a chef and restaurant owner.