At Corporate Woods office park, office workers and visitors enjoy a park-like setting of carefully-tended lawns, shady swaths of trees, and colorful beds of spring daffodils, summer annuals and fall mums—greeting them at every turn.

“Everyone loves the great job Signature does with the annual flowers. They do a fantastic job keeping the seasonal color looking great throughout the year,” says Joseph Unruh, Director of Property Management for Block Real Estate Services, Corporate Woods’ management company. But the office park’s many four-legged residents love flowers too—enough to eat them for dinner. “We found we had to use daffodils instead of tulips due to the deer, squirrel and rabbit populations in the woods. Unfortunately, they would eat the tulips and we wouldn’t have any spring color. But daffodils are naturally deer and rodent proof—and just as beautiful,” says Eric Robinson, Signature Landscape’s Senior Account Manager for Corporate Woods.

Located in Overland Park, Kansas, Corporate Woods is a 294-acre complex featuring 29 office buildings with about 270 tenant businesses. Sixty acres within Corporate Woods have been deeded back as park land to the city of Overland Park. An abundance of wildlife calls the park home, including deer, fox, bobcat, wild turkey, and even some protected species. The property, which is also the site of numerous large public events throughout the year, is a unique landscape maintenance client with both human and animal tenants that need to be kept happy.

In addition to lawn and flower bed maintenance, the scope of landscape maintenance at Corporate Woods requires careful tending of the creek and forest ecosystems that run through it. This means choosing native plants where possible, as well as water conservation in the irrigated areas. To achieve both lush green turf areas and maximum water conservation, the Signature team maintains a top-of-the-line irrigation system, which they can manage remotely via a computer at the Signature Landscape office.

Joseph Unruh, Director of Property Management, is pleased with the results of this system. He says, “in today’s cost-conscious market, Signature Landscape has helped tremendously with making sure our irrigation system functions properly, so that no water is wasted in the process of keeping the grass green. Through [Signature’s] efforts, our water invoices have decreased while making the park look great.”

Senior Account Manager Eric Robinson says his team goes out of its way to meet the unique needs of Corporate Woods’ diverse tenant and visitor mix. And, he is quick to add, they’ve had a lot of fun doing it.