What keeps a business relationship going for a quarter century? Ask anyone and you might hear things like: loyalty, values, respect and consistency. And that’s true for the Fogelman-Signature relationship. When values are aligned and expectations are met, a loyal client-supplier relationship is achieved.

In 1990, Fogelman Management Group, a multi-family development company based in Memphis, was just finding its way into the Kansas City market. At that time, they also found Signature Landscape. Over time, as Fogelman’s Kansas City portfolio grew, so did the relationship between the two companies. “Our values are in alignment with theirs. They’ve set high expectations and are willing to be loyal if we serve well,” said Signature Founder, Bill Gordon.

Fogelman’s Regional Manager, Kara Redmon oversees all of the Kansas City area communities. Kara is responsible for finding and maintaining relationships with vendors that are reliable and consistent to help Fogelman as they grow their presence in the Kansas City Market. “Fogelman thrives on building relationships with their clients and likes to do business with suppliers that have the same philosophy,” said Kara.

Fogelman and Signature both strive to hire and retain top-notch employees, and those employees have helped strengthen the relationship over time. “We appreciate that Signature understands and respects our business. They know what is important to us and make sure to focus on those ‘hot buttons’,” adds Kara.

Over the years, in addition to providing quality grounds maintenance service, Signature has completed many improvement projects including the installation of irrigation systems, resolution of drainage problems, and redesign and installation of new landscaping to boost curb appeal, among other things. Founder, Bill Gordon concludes, “Fogelman is the kind of business I have built this business to serve. It’s been great watching their business grow, and I look forward to serving them for many years to come.”