When your neighborhood is split by a golf course, quality grounds maintenance is high on your priority list. And that’s just the case for Nottingham by the Green/Knightsbrooke in Overland Park. Stretching from Quivera to Pflumm, and 127th to 133rd Streets in southern Overland Park, the HOA is home to the Overland Park West Links golf course. With 733 single-family homes and roughly eight acres of turf, Nottingham by the Green/Knightsbrooke boasts one of the largest green spaces in a residential subdivision in Johnson County.

Signature began serving Nottingham by the Green/Knightsbrooke in the early 2000s. In addition to maintenance of the large turf expanses including four large external boundaries, Signature’s team maintains thirteen entries into the subdivision, monuments, large clubhouse, pool, and tennis courts. Signature has also completed many improvement projects over the years. Upgrades to the rock monuments and improving landscaping beds are just a few of the recent improvements.

The massive irrigation system has seen many upgrades over the years, as well.

“Notthingham by the Green/Knightsbrooke has a large irrigation system and it requires extensive maintenance and repairs,” said Signature’s Account Manager, who has served this property for years. “With over 130 zones and about a dozen controllers, it’s one of the largest that we take care of,” he added.

An on-going project at Nottingham by the Green/Knightsbrooke is the removal and replacement of the trees lining the streets throughout the neighborhood. Many of these trees have been affected by various environmental issues that have plagued the Midwest. With an average of 2.5 trees per home, this project is a huge expense for the HOA. Signature has been working with the board to spread out the expense of tree removal and replacement by replacing approximately 50 of the nearly 1,800 street trees per year.

Signature’s Account Manager works closely with the HOA Board to ensure their needs are met and that their beautiful landscape is getting high-quality grounds maintenance service!