Antonio Garcia – Operations Manager

Landscape Industry Since:     2008
Signature Landscape Since:   2008

In 2008 Antonio moved to Olathe, KS to join the Signature Landscape team. Antonio began his career at Signature in the Construction Department, then transferred to the Irrigation Department where he enjoyed working independently and managed his own schedule of accounts. Serving as an Irrigation Technician ignited a passion for improving Signature’s properties.

Antonio’s enthusiasm for green, lush turf, his expertise in irrigation repair and water management, and his experience in managing schedules caused him to stand out among his peers. Antonio was identified as a committed, intelligent, hard-working leader among his teammates, and in 2015 was invited to begin working as a Production Manager in Signature’s North Branch.

As a Production Manager Antonio has taken a lead role in motivating his crews to care even more about the beauty of Signature’s properties, allowing them to take pride by seeing their hard work pay off. Antonio has a strong aptitude for technology and organizational management. His strong leadership skills along with his success as a Production Manager lead to a promotion to the position of Operations Manager in the Construction Department. Antonio excels in team management and development, successfully managing a large schedule of construction installations, all while making sure his crews have everything they need for each job.

As a manager, Antonio has benefited from several training tools, one of which is Patrick Lencioni’s book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. Antonio takes principles from this book to heart and inspires others at Signature to function as a team at the highest level possible. He keeps people on their toes!

When Antonio isn’t managing crews, he enjoys music and writing. Antonio also has three beautiful children.