Nico Gallegos – Production Manager

Landscape Industry Since:     1996
Signature Landscape Since:  2005

In 1996 Nico moved to Kansas City and began working for a local landscape company, True North Outdoor. After a few years, True North sold its grounds maintenance division to Signature Landscape, and Nico stayed on to continue his career as an Irrigation Technician. He enjoyed the challenge of scheduling his daily workload to make his days more efficient.

In 2007 Nico was recommended to begin training as a Production Manager for Signature’s North Branch. Nico viewed the opportunity as a chance to evolve and learn more about the landscape industry and management. Throughout his experience as a Production Manager he has learned to identify many types of plants, both annual and perennial and has learned how to plan ahead for the maintenance of those plants. Nico has also learned to interact with crews in order to get the best quality of work for Signature’s clients. He maintains strong communication with Signature’s Account Managers to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. Nico is highly respected by Signature’s field staff, management, and executives. Signature’s Vice President of Operations, Ben Boyd, states he can count on one hand the people he trusts and respects as much as he does his friend, Nico Gallegos!

When Nico isn’t managing crews, he enjoys visiting with family. Nico also enjoys going fishing at Smithville Lake. His preferred fish to catch are Carp, which he adds to his homemade soups and his ceviche, a Hispanic specialty.