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Chemical Applicator must consistently perform high quality work by understanding customer requirements and fulfill them in a profitable manner; direct services delivery and supervise crew performance of scheduled work; follow company policies and procedures maintaining all operations and safety standards. The Chemical Applicator is responsible for loading and securing the equipment and goods they use; then travel to the customer’s location and perform the services; and then load the equipment and travel to the next customer. The Chemical Applicator reports directly to the Production Managers (PM) Senior Account Manager (SAM) and works closely with the Senior Account Manager (SAM) and Account Managers (AM) to assure client expectation are met.


Overview of Daily Duties
The Chemical Applicator usually works independently or on small crews and are responsible for loading and securing the equipment and goods they use; then travel to the customer’s location and perform the services; and then load the equipment and travel to the next customer. The all crew members directly affect the safe operations of the motor vehicle by either driving the vehicle and/or participating in safely loading the vehicle. The Chemical Applicator daily duties include:
• Upon timely arrival, make sure all the DOT repairs and checkpoints were performed and truck is ready to go.
• See Production Manager for assignments.
• Assure that they or the Crew Members check and load equipment (oil level, tire pressure, etc.), load materials and prepare truck for leaving as directed by SAM or PM.
• Wear uniforms and have proper P.P.E. and assure all Crew Members do to, otherwise they need to obtain all required items prior to leaving.
• Assure Crew has all proper credentials required by law and/or Signature (Driver’s license, Medical Card when driving company truck, Technician card if applying chemicals, etc.).
On site:
• Drive carefully and obey all traffic laws while driving a company truck.
• Assist on training crewmembers proper labor methods and techniques, as well as safe use of equipment.
• Plan work in a logical pattern that returns workers to truck upon completion.
• Assign all tasks for each crewmember and the order in which are to be completed.
• Make sure right person is using right equipment as efficient as possible while maintaining job specifications and quality standards.
• Evaluate and manage the performance of all team members.
• Make sure lunch breaks will be taken on site, near site or on the way to next site, and will not exceed 45 minutes (including travel).
• When done, make sure all work is up to standards and all crewmembers are in the truck before leaving the property.
• Perform work as instructed by PM. Touch base with PM in mid-afternoon to advise of progress.
• Report all accidents/incidents to Production Manager and HR or main office 913-829-8181, as soon as possible (ASAP).
• Assure all equipment and truck are re-fueled, team disposes all trash and dumps lawn debris in the designated areas.
• Help to unload equipment and place small tools and supplies in cage.
• Perform DOT daily truck inspection or assist a Crew Member to do this
• Report equipment/truck problems to shop staff and fill out equipment condition reports for repair.
• Complete all paperwork (daily, DOT form, work orders, etc.) accurately and turn it in before leaving.

Customer Service
• Be respectful and courteous to property representatives and general public at all times.
• Be pro-active and communicate property needs to PM.
• Assure client (SAM & AM) expectations are met as directed by crew leader and/or PM
• Always look and act professionally at job sites.
• Respect private property. Breaks taken on site will be on truck or trailer, not in client’s yard or near pools.

Quality Control
• Consistent performance of high quality work is the key to building and maintaining sustainable relationships with our clients.

• Model safe behavior, practice and methods to be a role model for team.
• Assure team has all PPE and uses it throughout their work day.
• Safety is the responsibility of ALL members of the team. Regional Team Lead will contribute to a strong safety culture at all times.
• Assure all equipment is safely, securely fasten when loading equipment on vehicle/trailers.

• Participate, assist and provide safety trainings to crew.
• Participate and assist in training to help crew understand:
— The specific performance requirements for the various client properties.
— How to safely operate all equipment
— How to safely perform various task like:
—– Sound horticultural practices and use of fertilizer and chemicals.
—– Understanding of performance specifications for each property site.

Job Standards

Any combination of education and experience providing the required skill and knowledge are qualifying. Typical qualifications would be equivalent to:

Experience, Work Skills and Abilities:
To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily.
• One year of mowing and/or applicator experience with a professional landscaping company.
• Ability to consistently and efficiently work independently and as an effective team member, with limited supervision to assure all routes are completed each week per company standards.
• Flexible enough to work varying hours to meet the needs of the company this includes long days and weekends. Must be able to work on Saturdays and Sundays when necessary.
• Prefer demonstrated experience working in the landscaping industry and safely operating profession landscape equipment.
• Ability to frequently lift, pull and push 50 lbs.
• Flexibility to work varied

• Must have a current driver’s license, fulfill company driver’s qualifications, safely operate company trucks and comply with DOT regulations for motor vehicle that weigh 10,001 pounds or more, using the gross combined vehicle weight rating or the gross combined vehicle weight rating if the vehicle is towing a trailer.
• A current NALP Landscape Industry – Maintenance certification is required for this job.

Working Conditions:
• Varies daily and throughout the day depending upon the demands of the company and its customers. Work is performed at customer sites and work sites vary daily.
• Crew Members work throughout the greater Kansas City metropolitan area, regularly traveling between Kansas and Missouri and are engaged in interstate commerce.

Note: This job description should not be construed to imply that these requirements are the exclusive standards of the position. Incumbents will follow any other instructions, and perform any other related duties, as may be required. The company reserve the right to revise this job description at any time. The job description is not to be construed as a contract for employment.

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