The Art of Color

Village Shalom 09

Nothing announces that “Spring has Sprung!” like the visual impact of stunning flowers! In nature, we can occasionally experience the majesty of wildflowers across an open field, when all of the necessary environmental elements align just right. But in the manicured landscape, flowers can become a distinct and powerful design element, but only if the… Read More

Winter Cutbacks Enhance Spring Growth!

It may be the dead of winter, but now is exactly the right time to be preparing your landscape to look its best this spring. Proper spring landscape planning includes more than spring fertilization and irrigation tune-up. It should include a winter landscape inspection to identify shrubs that will benefit from “Rejuvenation Pruning” (also called… Read More

Sprinkle, Sprinkle, Little Star

sprinkle salt article

Ah, the joys of landscaping in winter time – getting rid of the ice on our walkways and driveways. The most effective way to remove ice is to melt it with salt. Did you know, that like snowflakes, no two salt grains are alike? There are actually a number of salt mixtures to choose from…. Read More

Want Greener Grass?

greener grass article

Is it your goal to have greener grass than your neighbor? Do you often struggle with achieving a rich green color like you see at many of the commercial properties around town during the early summer months? The thing you might be missing is proper fertilization. For most of our commercial properties, we follow a… Read More

The Hows and Whys of Mulching

hows of mulching

Why Mulch? Mulch offers three important advantages to your beds: Enhances moisture retention Reduces weed problems Improves appearance of the beds How Mulch? Most people are aware of the advantages of using mulch, but fewer understand how to lay mulch for best results. Not unlike painting a house, most of a successful mulch application is… Read More

Ice Melt Application Tips

Well, old Phil saw his shadow this morning, so you might find yourself applying ice melt to sidewalks and driveways. Here are some tips for application: Any salt product is too caustic to spread on sidewalks with a cyclone spreader. It’s too difficult to keep the salt on the pavements and off nearby vegetation. A… Read More

Dormant Oil Sprays

Tree lined street

Protect your woody shrubs and trees from insects by using a dormant oil spray. Dormant oil will kill exposed insects by over coating and suffocating them. It will also cover their eggs and prevent them from hatching. Dormant oils are typically refined from petroleum oil and contain an emulsifier to allow the oil to mix… Read More

Signature & Ackerson Join Forces


In December, after years of casual conversation, the merger of Signature Landscape and Ackerson Landscape became a reality. United by shared values and a focus on commercial grounds maintenance, the two companies will continue to provide full-service grounds maintenance for commercial properties throughout the Kansas City region. Increased efficiencies, greater geographic reach and solid leadership… Read More