Dormant Oil Sprays

Tree lined street

Protect your woody shrubs and trees from insects by using a dormant oil spray. Dormant oil will kill exposed insects by over coating and suffocating them. It will also cover… Read More

Signature & Ackerson Join Forces


In December, after years of casual conversation, the merger of Signature Landscape and Ackerson Landscape became a reality. United by shared values and a focus on commercial grounds maintenance, the… Read More

Give your Flower Beds a Boost this Fall

Many of us look forward to spring and summer to enjoy the boost that flowers add to your curb appeal. We often ignore the opportunities to add interest to our… Read More

Got Nutsedge?


During the late spring and summer months, nutsedge proves to be the lawn’s worst enemy. Even the most meticulous lawn maintenance plan can be affected by nutsedge patches. Nutsedge is… Read More