The Winter That Wouldn’t Quit

It appears that we’ve turned the corner away from winter and spring is here! While many of you have been holed up inside all winter, we were working long hours clearing snow and applying salt and ice melt.  There were over 30 “events” this winter ranging from freezing fog to blizzards.

Within the past few weeks several issues have become apparent from the tough winter, although, there  may be a silver lining…

  1. Large snow piles may have damaged trees, shrubs, and perennials. Even with the most careful placement of snow piles, plants are still at risk.
  2. Salt damage varies from the repeated salt applications throughout the winter. Damage to turf should be limited this year because timely rains in December and March have helped clean the soils. Evergreens may need some extra attention or possibly replaced if damage was excessive.
  3. Snow equipment or snow piles may have damaged sprinkler heads.
  4. Big temperature swings and extended cold periods may have done damage to sprinkler systems underground. Freezing and thawing moves the pipes and puts stress on the fittings. Landscape edging is suffering from this as well.

It’s not all bad news though.  This is the first winter in 5 years where we have met or exceeded our average for precipitation.  We should see greener, healthier turf this spring, trees and shrubs with great spring blooms and extra growth, as well as tremendous color from our fall bulbs that should be sprouting any day now.

With regular property visits, we can stay ahead of the challenges this winter has given us. Turf, tree and shrub health will be assessed in upcoming site visits to address potential snow or salt damage. All of these issues are on our radar. Signature is on it!

By Trevor Taylor